101 Things To Do With a Real Estate Note

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101 Things To Do with a Real Estate Note and 99 of them are fun!

Did you know that there are 101 things you can do with a Real Estate Note? If you have a Real Estate Note you already know the first two:

  1. Cross your fingers and hope the Payor makes payments as agreed.
  2. If the Payor defaults you can foreclose and hope to resell the property to someone who will pay.

    That’s the bad news. Now, for the good! First, let us say this not just wishful thinking. By clicking on CA$H NOW FOR REAL ESTATE NOTES on this website, we will tell you how to go about enjoying the following benefits from your Real Estate Note:

  3. Take a Caribbean cruise.
  4. Buy a new car.
  5. Pay for your daughter’s wedding.
  6. Send your children to college.
  7. Go back to college yourself so you can get the job you really want.
  8. Buy a riverboat to get you to the great fishing spots.
  9. Get cosmetic surgery.
  10. Spend a month at a spa getting back in shape.
  11. Pay off those high interest credit cards.
  12. Invest in the next Microsoft or Wal-mart.
  13. Take some time off and just smell the flowers.
  14. Sail around the world.
  15. Invest in a safer more diversified investment portfolio.
  16. Buy your wife a diamond necklace.
  17. Stock your wine cellar with vintage wines.
  18. Buy you and your spouse a new snow machine.
  19. Remodel you kitchen.
  20. Go marlin fishing in Hawaii.
  21. Take a photo safari on the Serengeti.
  22. Buy new appliances for your house.
  23. Repay that loan from your father-in-law so you can really tell him what you thing about his advice.
  24. Rent a castle in Europe and invite you friends and family to join you for the vacation of a lifetime.
  25. Buy an RV and tour the country.
  26. Invest in Triple A tax exempt bonds.
  27. Buy a recreational cabin on your favorite lake.
  28. Pay the tuition for sending your children to private school.
  29. Take enough time off work to finally write that novel.
  30. Spend next winter in Mexico.
  31. Spend next winter skiing every day.
  32. Add a recreation room to your house.
  33. Buy a new piano and learn to play.
  34. Try your luck in Las Vegas.
  35. Spend a month SCUBA diving in the Cayman Islands.
  36. Pay for your grandchildren’s college tuition.
  37. Help your children with a loan (or gift) to start their own business.
  38. Start your own business.
  39. Buy an airplane.
  40. Buy floats for your plane.
  41. Make a gift to your church.
  42. Set up a scholarship fund.
  43. Go big game hunting in Africa.
  44. Visit the Great Wall of China.
  45. Prepay your life insurance policy.
  46. Pay the cost of moving your mother-in-law to another state.
  47. Get a “tummy-tuck” before attending your high school reunion.
  48. Cruise down the Nile and explore a pyramid on camel back.
  49. Host a surprise Birthday Party for someone you love.
  50. Send the children to visit their grandparents.
  51. Take hula lessons in Hawaii.
  52. Eat fresh caviar in Moscow or St. Petersburg.
  53. Rent a dog team and run the Iditarod.
  54. Buy a limited entry permit and become a commercial fisherman.
  55. Buy new furniture.
  56. Re-carpet your home.
  57. Ride in an outrigger canoe in Tahiti.
  58. Watch a bullfight in Spain.
  59. Travel across Europe by train.
  60. Buy a new bedroom set.
  61. Landscape the yard.
  62. Build a new deck onto your home.
  63. Buy a hot tub for your new deck.
  64. Hire a housekeeper.
  65. Buy a new car for each child.
  66. Sponsor a family reunion in Hawaii.
  67. Buy a house(s) for your children.
  68. Get rid of those unwanted bulges with liposuction.
  69. Brighten that smile with new caps on your teeth.
  70. Buy a new sound system.
  71. Go on a shopping spree.
  72. Buy diamonds for investment.
  73. Buy gold coins for investment.
  74. Buy a horse.
  75. Build a stable and corral for your horse.
  76. Buy a gold nugget watch for every member of the family.
  77. Buy a condo in the Caribbean.
  78. Buy a motorcycle.
  79. Buy a sail boat and sail the sunny Caribbean.
  80. Sponsor a missionary family.
  81. Make a tax-deductible contribution to a retirement plan.
  82. Buy a Jet Ski(s).
  83. Have a baby.
  84. Buy new equipment for a workshop.
  85. Buy camping gear and a new hunting rifle.
  86. Buy a convertible.
  87. Invest in a winery so you can give friends a gift of wine with your own label on the bottle.
  88. Visit Vienna then cruise down the “Blue Danube” to the Black Sea.
  89. Tour England’s canals in a motorized houseboat.
  90. Pay for your children’s braces.
  91. Go hunting for a “Boone and Crockett” record brown bear on Kodiak.
  92. Have a bearskin rug made from the hide of your trophy bear.
  93. Go elk hunting in Wyoming.
  94. Buy each member of the family their own personal computer.
  95. Spend a month at your favorite ski resort learning to ski or learning to ski better.
  96. Get a new all-terrain vehicle so you can do serious hunting in those “hard to get to places”.
  97. Attend Easter Mass at the Vatican and receive the Pope’s blessing.
  98. Spend Christmas in Bethlehem.
  99. Buy a retirement condo on your favorite golf course.
  100. Take the entire family to Disney World.
  101. ___________________________________________
          (Reserved for your own special wish)

Unless you are the rare person who already has it all, there should be something listed above that you would rather do with your Real Estate Note. We can make your dreams come true. Our business is paying CA$H NOW FOR REAL ESTATE NOTES. Call us at (907) 279-8551.


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